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How can we fight Fast Fashion’s impact on our environment?

73% of clothing is currently sent to landfills or incinerated when 95% of it could be reused or recycled.

The question Is what we can do to change this?

As a fashion company, we care about our environment. So, we came with a few points that will let you help minimize your impact on the environment.

“Waste isn’t waste until we waste it.” – WILL.I.AM


Even the greenest garment makes use of sources for manufacturing and shipping in your home, developing a few environmental impacts.

A root of the hassle lies in our immoderate consumerism: we purchase 10 at the same time as our grandparents bought 2.

We generally tend to assume that shopping for new garments will make us happy. Maybe we must rethink a few foundations of our lifestyle. 


Because garments have come to be so cheap, we now do not care a great deal. We simply purchase new clothes whilst those we’ve lost their form or appeal.

Additionally, we have all had the enjoy of purchasing pricey garb or a couple of footwear and going through unhappiness whilst months later, they already appear vintage or have holes in them.

If we prevent shopping for terrible greatness, it’s going to push manufacturers to enhance the great in their clothes. It may even permit us to hold our garments longer, which is right for our wallets and for the environment.


Don’t throw your garments withinside the regular bins! Most of them encompass synthetic, non-biodegradable fiber and could simply pile up withinside the landfill. There are some other solutions:

– Try to restore them. Sometimes with a piece of imagination, you could restore or maybe remodel a torn garment.

– Donate your garments to your friends, family, neighbors, or to charity.

– Sell them on second-hand apps like Abstract.

– Some garments stores return used garments from their very own logo or maybe from different manufacturers.

– Put them withinside the fabric recycling bin. Textiles may be recycled to make new garb.  


Washing our garments has a giant environmental impact. The common family does nearly four hundred of laundry each year, ingesting approximately 60,000 liters of water. It additionally takes a whole lot of strength to warmth the showering water and run the drying cycle. 

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